Pinned Up is located in the main shopping strip of Railway Town, Broken Hill NSW and has been in operation since 2012. It consists of a dedicated duo of staff including our Owner/Operator, Upstyle and Micro Loop Extension specialist Lisa Mannion and our fully-qualified Junior stylist, Tamika Jarvis. We pride ourselves on our wide range of clientele and offer a full service list to suit all hairdressing needs and requests.

One thing that remains a constant at Pinned Up is the importance of friendly service. Our salon lives by the philosophy that every person should leave feeling 100% satisfied, cared for and able to express a unique beauty of their own as we help highlight their best features while feeding them with positive energy.

The Pinned Up image is influenced by way that 1920s artwork gave life to the perfect version of what a particularly beautiful or attractive woman could look like.
Today the vast majority of images featuring women are being digitally altered and so are our perceptions of normal, healthy and attainable beauty.
These 1920s drawings define all types of female body images as being clean, curvy, healthy, wholesome and enjoyed by both men and women, and in doing so reinforce our vision that each client can feel amazing and gorgeous and be Photoshop-free!

In addition to our clients self-love mission, our salon is also dedicated to developing ourselves to our full potential so that we can deliver a service above and beyond the normal salon experience. We maintain this by being involved in a vast array of hands-on educational classes, modern product launches and by visiting the Australian National Hair Expo annually.

Our vision at Pinned Up Hairdressing is to raise the bar, to be a well-mannered team that are dedicated, creative, highly skilled and are willing to share our passion and product knowledge. We want to be recognised in Broken Hill for exceeding our clients’ expectations with outstanding customer service. Our upbeat, fun and lively environment encourages personal growth and keeps us ahead in the market place.