We are a pretty lively pair here at Pinned up!

Aside from our bubbling charm and dashing good looks, what we share in common is that we feel pretty darn good about delivering a service that can instantly improve our clients’ day. But before we make you feel wonderful about yourself, here’s a little team intro to ensure that when you visit Pinned Up you already feel wonderful about us!

  • Lisa Mannion

    Owner, Manager and Head Stylist at Pinned Up Hairdressing

    Age: 25

    2007 – TAFE Statement of Attainment in Hairdressing
    2009 – Wella foil intermediate edition
    2009 – Wella blonde elements
    2009 – Wella colour elements 1
    2009 – Wella colour elements 2
    2009 – Wella customer focus
    2009 – Goldwell colour workshop
    2009 – Haircare Australia 3 day waxing
    2010 – MATRIX socolour sync
    2010 – MATRIX Y now
    2011 – TAFE Certificate III in Hairdressing
    2012 – Redken Runway Re-done
    2013 – MATRIX B.blonde
    2013 – MATRIX men @ work
    2014 – Two day Lorna Evans workshops

    Attended Hair Expo in 2012, 2013 & 2014
    Attended Melbourne Salon in 2014

    When did you realise you wanted to be a hairdresser?I was always creative growing up. I loved to paint, sew and do crafts and pottery. However, in high school my goal was to become a real estate agent. It wasn’t until I was kicked out of my legal studies class for “talking too much” and was forced to take a hairdressing class to fill the spot on my timetable that I realised I had so much passion not only in developing my creativity but also in making people feel special and appreciated.

    Favourite hair trend for 2014?Braided upstyles and Splashlights throughout colour.

    What matters to you most as a hairdresser?The gratitude and sincere happiness I get from my clients!

    What advice would you give an aspiring hairdresser?Hairdressing is not always a glamorous career but it’s one that will leave you feeling incredibly accomplished if you stick it out and work hard to infinitely better yourself.

    Who is your ultimate style icon? I love Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepole. Her style is classic and lady-like with a bit of an edge.

    What is your favourite colour?Red is my favourite because it’s racey and passionate! Despite it’s high maintenance, platinum blonde is my favourite hair colour!

    Favourite fashion magazine?Cosmopolitan.

    Favourite holiday destination?I love Nah Trang, Vietnam for its beaches, and Mykonos, Greece for its wild party atmosphere! My next big holiday will be through the USA – I think I will enjoy Las Vegas!

    If you could trade place with any person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be?I would trade places with Rihanna’s hairstylist, Ursula Stephen. Rhianna always has a fun, rockstar hairdo and I think she would be crazy and exciting to work for!

    Favourite song?I have a music addiction so my favourite song changes every week! But you can’t skip a classic sing-along song like Wonderwall – Oasis.

  • Tamika Jarvis

    Hairdresserat Pinned Up Hairdressing


    Age: 22

    2011 – Lido Spray Tanning
    2012 – TAFE Certificate III in Hairdressing

    When did you realise you wanted to be a hairdresser?At a young age, maybe around 8 years old. My mum is a hairdresser, I wanted to be just like her!

    Favourite hair trend for 2014?Pastel hair colours.

    What matters to you most as a hairdresser?Making people feel good about themselves and ensuring that they leave happy.

    What is your favourite colour?Purple!

    Favourite fashion magazine?Australian Vogue.

    Favourite holiday destination?I haven’t had the chance to travel a whole lot yet, but I love to escape to Adelaide for the weekend.

    Favourite song?Pittsburgh by The Amity Affiction.